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Actor Prabhat Kumar is a multi-talented individual making waves in the construction industry and soaring as a renowned actor in the entertainment world.

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Meet Actor Prabhat, a dynamic and accomplished businessman, and the visionary founder of Aryan Group. A first-generation entrepreneur, Mr. Kumar’s relentless pursuit of excellence has led him to establish Aryan Infraheight Private Limited (AIPL), a leading construction contracting company based in Delhi/NCR. With an innate flair for the arts, he is venturing into the world of entertainment, donning the hat of an actor in his debut video song, “Tu Hi Hai”.

Prabhat Kumar

I am a dynamic individual excelling in both business and modeling. With a keen eye for opportunities, i thrive as an innovative entrepreneur. As a captivating and charismatic model, i confidently grace various campaigns and media, leaving a lasting impact on both industries.

Prabhat Kumar

Personal Details

Name :-  Prabhat Kumar
Born :-  15-September-1984
Spouse:-  Tanu Prabha
Children:-  2
Parents:- Sh.Dhannindra Prasad Singh

Professional Work

With a commitment to top-notch quality work and adhering to strict project timelines, Prabhat Kumar founded Aryan Infraheight Private Limited (AIPL) in 2014, which has become one of Delhi/NCR’s top construction companies.

Entertainment Field

Apart from a businessman, Actor Prabhat is also an actor who just released his music video. He has earned the respect and admiration of his peers and fans alike for his hard work and dedication.

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Actor Prabhat Kumar: Illuminating the Entertainment Horizon with Dynamic Versatility

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In the ever-evolving panorama of the amusement industry, one name has been making waves together with his dynamic presence and flexible performances – Prabhat Kumar. Born in Vaishali, Bihar, and currently based in Noida, UP, this multi-proficient artist has taken the arena of acting by means of typhoon during the last 3 years.

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An Artistic Voyage: Prabhat Kumar’s Evolution from Construction Steel to Theatrical Zeal.

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In the heart of the ever-evolving enjoyment landscape, a versatile artist named Prabhat Kumar has emerged as a compelling force, captivating hearts together with his sincere performances and unwavering dedication to his craft. Hailing from Vaishali, Bihar, Prabhat Kumar’s journey has taken him from the development enterprise to the glittering lights of showbiz.